Fengoffice 1.7.4新版发布

Fengoffice 最新版本v1.7.4于2011年03月11日发布。本次版本做了一些bug修复,添加了少许新功能。





bugfix: HtmlPurifier library updated(更新HtmlPurifier库)

bugfix: Sending emails fixed to avoid sending an email more than one time when receiving ‘mysql has gone away’ msg in the middle of the process.(修复发邮件可能会重复发送的问题)

bugfix: Security issue with cookies.(修复cookie安全问题)

bugfix: Issue in combine.php.

bugfix: Issue with report conditions with date comparisons.(修复报表日期比对条件问题)

bugfix: Fixed langs for es_es and es_la.

bugfix: Logs were not written for subtasks when trashing, untrashing, archiving and unarchiving tasks.

bugfix: Permissions issue at users history log.

bugfix: Tasks reports shows priority codes instead of showing prioriy names.

bugfix: Fixed: reminder didn’t use timezone in some cases.

bugfix: Class name removed from search results.

bugfix: File revisions in search results sometimes shows html code.

bugfix: When reporting objects with list custom properties only the first value was shown.

bugfix: When composing an email, fields to, cc and bcc not always select the email from the list if clicking it.

bugfix: Event creator appears twice in the email when other user accepted the invitation.

bugfix: Email signature does not change when composing an email and changing the from address.

bugfix: Issue with upload control when attaching a file that already exists in the system.

bugfix: Bug with CKEditor and Chrome when adding an image to a document.

bugfix: Checkbox were not cleared when reloading contact list.

bugfix: Issue when having more than one tab with Feng Office and viewing emails in each tab.

bugfix: Templates with assigned tasks are not shown properly at tasks widgets.

bugfix: Date format config handler is not initializing correctly for some values.

bugfix: Escape characters for report results.

bugfix: Issue with calendar reports.

bugfix: Issue with tasks widget in dashboard.

bugfix: Issue with milestone due dates in listing.

bugfix: Issue with conversation list permissions when viewing an email.

bugfix: LinkedObjectManager issue fixed.

system: CKEditor upgraded to version 3.5.1(CKEditor更新版本)

feature: Added APC cache for config options and other frequent objects.(添加频繁使用的对象的缓存功能)

feature: Added languages: Bulgarian, Suomi and Svenska.

feature: Upgraded languages: cs_cz, de_de, el_gr, it_it, ja_jp, nb_no, nl_nl, pl_pl, zh_cn.

feature: Improved the message for emails in outbox when logging in.(登录时已发邮件提示信息的优化)

feature: Added some indexes and improved parts of the code to improve performance.(添加索引,优化代码提升性能)

feature: Added more checks when sending emails.(添加更多发送邮件时的检查项)

feature: Performance improved for reminder and email pollings.(系统提醒和邮件投票的性能改进)

feature: Show label “Tags” when tags panel is collapsed.(标签面板关闭时显示“标签”文字)

feature: Javascript injection prevention.(添加Javascript注入攻击防卫功能)